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The Miracles of Electroculture

Electroculture 2.0

I Just Happened to Be in this Audience

An Amazing Narrative Shift Around Sexuality

The Healing Sounds of Nature

The Sounds of Nature

The Tide is Turning

Let There Be Light!

Made in the Image of God

This is SO Comforting

How to Fire Up Your Metabolism at Midlife

New Domain of Knowing

Family Constellation

Video #5: Poison Is The New Normal

Anything Worth Taking Seriously

Beware the Black Pill

Recognizing the Matrix

This Gave Me so Much Hope!

The Sound of Freedom

Burt Bacharach Retrospective

The Answer to Just About Everything

Making a Decision ALWAYS involves sacrifice and loss

Truth Warrior

What Should You Eat?

Mother's Day blessing

Staying Calm During Chaos

From Speaking to 3,000 people to putting granddaughters to bed

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Flat Earth, Fake Moon Landing.....

One Little Thing We Can all Do to Raise the Frequency

When they Move, We Move

Scorpio eclipse part 2

Full moon eclipse in Scorpio

Raising the Frequency

A Musical Interlude

Go Forth and Multiply

Why Fear is Bad for Your Health

Using Dreams for Guidance

If You Go to Bible Study

The Signs are Everywhere

Medicine in your back yard

Breaking the Spell

The Intent is Destruction

If You Don't Have Joy

System Busters

Eclipse Reveals

Report from Eclipse Day April 19, 2023

What Eclipses Reveal

Your Only Job

Waking Up

Don't Argue with Satan

The Matrix is Dismantling

Laying Low

He is Risen

The Meaning of Good Friday

The Power of Your Gaze

Avian Flu Fear!

Post hearing Recap

Live-streaming my testimony to reinstate religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions in Maine

''Twas the Night before the Hearings

What to do While Waiting

Circling Back

God's money

The Magic of Water

Fear Needs to Feed

Natural Ways to Ensure Healthy Bones

ET's, Jesus, Channelers

Create Heaven on Earth NOW

The One Sentence that Changes Everthing

Things are Speeding Up

Outwitting the Devil

I am DONE with the old Approach

When You Don't Know

Time to Archive Oprah

Have You Reached a Fork in the Road?

Smile and Keep your Mouth Shut

How To Awaken the Energy Healer Within

The Absolute Most Important Thing you Need Right Now!

The Courage to Move Forward

Soul Biopsy

Peace is a Breath Away

A little Sunny Day Harp Tune

The Most Important Thing We All Need to Do

Divine Love Accelerated

How is Your Detox Going?

Video 4: How To Detox Your Spirit

Video 3: How To Detox Your Mind

Use Astrology To Find Your Purpose

Video 2: How To Safely Remove Parasites From Your Body

Video 1: How To Safely Detox Your Body

The Jesus Revolution

When People Begin to Awaken

We're Hiring! Who Do You Know in Maine?

The Flake Factor

Thirsty for a Wider Lens

Fear Not!

Your Identity Will Turn to Dust

You tube live with Huna Flash

Where you as surprised as I was?

What are your Favorite Movies?

The Key to Freedom: Taking Responsibility

Live on You Tube now

The Sacred Role of Movies and Theater

How to Raise Your Frequency

Chaga to Protect your Liver

It is Time to Dismantle the Entire Covid Agenda

I Have Cancelled Pink

How To Improve Your Gut Microbiome In A Day

Full moon in Leo

Amazing intel on the Covid shot

Contrition and Repentance

Sun gazing 101

Observe, Don't Absorb

Strategies to Protect Your Health Everyday

The Single Most Important Message for the New Year