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It is important that people become aware that anyone can have parasites. And..., without knowing it. the symptoms can mimic many other possible illnesses. I had mild symptoms. My experience, with doctors, is that they are not educated about parasites. Also, many labs do not take a proper test. I saw 3 doctors. Had 3 stool sample tests done, at 3 different labs. I'd found worms, in my stools and made sure they were in the stool samples. I, even sent photos (of the cleaned worms) to my doctor, who confirmed them. Because the lab tests came back negative, the doctors won't/can't do anything. They don't seem to know anything, about parasites. I read many personal claims, of peoples' doctors, telling them that their conditions were psychsomatic, because they couldn't find the cause of the symptoms. However, there is a lot of good info online, about alternative/natural, home treatment. Best, to use DuckDuckGo or another, secure search engine,instead of Google, Chrome, Safari. They seem, to sensor, alternative treatment info.

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Boy I need help and I believe that you will help. I'm a big fan of your work. Please visit my new website


Please visit my Substack also.


Life is good 🤠 when you share.

God Given Rights

Always question "Jurisdiction" !

Paul Wilkerson

Jan 10


Call me crazy but I believe "conspiracy to deprive American Republic CITIZENS of God given Rights" resulting in death is in FACT criminal activity in violation of multiple global laws. Clearly our own government has stolen our money ( DOD ) to develop “countermeasures” intending to murder all the victims that were deceived , coerced, bribed, threatened and literally tortured from birth until death.

Please watch my drone video. 2 minutes, Link 👇.


Land of the Free

Home of the

B iological

R ights

A bove

V accine

E nslavement


My other case filed Nov 1-22 in Wyoming for elderly abuse on my mom and all mom's is being refused by the "clerk" of the 7th district in Wyoming.

Please help ,Paul Wilkerson Writes Paul’s Newsletter

It might help if you yes YOU call/email.

Wyoming office of the attorney general



Asking what they intend to do About Elderly handicapped vaccinated woman abuse ? ?

Another way YOU CAN HELP

PLEASE send an email to the original Judge and ask him why he is ignoring crime's against humanity? Why is he working as a public servant “judge” in Illinois, knowingly working together with the Attorney General of Illinois to protect the interests of the Crown of England”? Please read “Guilty Government “ on my Substack then email the “Honorable Judge Joe Billy McDade @


Or to the Magistrate Judge Jonathan E. Hawley @


Here is proof ILLINOIS protection is for the “Crown of England”


All lives matter and I don't believe it's to much to ask you to help save your own life. One Email to all three email addresses . I am blocked now but you are not blocked.

We are MORE POWER then they Under Stand.



“the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the princes of the earth; for with thy sorcery were all the nations deceived.”

Please 🙏

What the Data shows.


I beg for you to help get support to pressure Wyoming representatives 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇


Please call anytime


Women's suffrage, Wyoming, "The first true Republic of the world"

I'm restricted from publishing anywhere even Substack and my conversations with Dr. Mike Yeadon have been removed.

So I must be doing something nobody likes.

God bless you and thank you for your dedication to Humanity!

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Very interesting....is there a parasite cleanse you would recommend? Thank you!

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Everyone should do a parasite cleanse. I recommend Organic Olivia's @ organicolivia.com Dr. Northrup is the best!

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I am not allowed to publish on Substack anymore,my conversations with Mike Yeadon have been removed. Please share this important information 👇


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Thank YOU! ❤️

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